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December 22, 2009

Fun with Unica Easysets

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I don’t feel like looking this up everytime.. so here it is.


ETL finishes and you need to automate the refresh of your Unica easysets in CustomerInsight.


This dos script does the work.. yeah that’s right.. so sexy it is! DOS.

@echo off
@echo "Refreshing Customer EasySet"
cd e:\unica\Insight
nettracker customer -update
@echo "Customer Easyset refresh complete"
@echo "Refreshing Sales EasySet"
nettracker bintest -update
@echo "Sales EasySet refresh complete"
@echo "Refreshing Response EasySet"
nettracker responses -update
@echo "Response Easyset refresh complete"
@echo on

Some things of note. The script is updating three easysets of the name: customer, bintest, and responses. This is their system name and not the “friendly” name.


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