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July 15, 2009

Using XML datatype to parse comma-delimited columns

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This was the coolest trick I’ve seen in a while.
Problem: need to parse a comma delimited file

select email
, Split.a.value('.','Varchar(50)') as kid_age
, row_number() over (partition by email order by email) as row_cnt
from (
select email
, cast('' + REPLACE(kid_age,',','') + '' as xml) as kid_age
from stg_profile_data ) x
cross apply kid_age.nodes('/M') split(a)

Mucho thanks to where Google found it


July 3, 2009

I Heart Unix

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Use SED to get rid of those nasty empty lines in a text file:

sed '/^$/ d' someFile > someNewFile
mv someNewFile someFile

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