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February 23, 2009

RightNow Desktop Integration .. it begins

Filed under: RightNow, Uncategorized — Zack Bethem @ 5:39 pm

I’ve started exploring the new capabilities of RightNow desktop integration. It looks to be quite powerful, assuming I can get my hacking skills around it.

Unit testing code is a pain with the integration API. Each change requires a restart of RightNow. That can take a while, even with a fast connection & computer.

One recommendation, however, is to add the following in the project’s Post-build event. This will automatically deploy the new compiled dll and move it to the proper directory for development testing. It should be part of the default set of templates, but it isn’t.

mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\RightNowDev"
mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\RightNowDev\AddIns"
mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\RightNowDev\AddIns\$(ProjectName)"
copy /Y "$(TargetDir)$(TargetName).*" "%USERPROFILE%\RightNowDev\AddIns\$(ProjectName)\"

Great stuff.


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